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Sleep Consulting

I am so excited to offer holistic, personalized sleep consultations for families. I can work with you every step of the way to help your little one achieve their personal BEST sleep.

Nutrition & Picky Eating Support

Nutrition is a key factor when determining root causes for sleep concerns. Toddlerhood also brings about picky eater tendencies-- we can work together to establish a plan.

Lactation Support

Consults will be available to families for just lactation support once I become a Certified Lactation Counselor; but for now will just be a large part of my normal sleep consulting packages.

Child Development & 
Sibling Adjustment

When the time comes for a family to welcome a new addition, it can be a major adjustment for siblings. Consultations will be available to help walk through these transitions with support.

Potty Training Plans

When the time comes for potty training, families can request a private consultation or order my Potty Training E-book that will be available later in summer 2022 .

In-home Care

Come fall of 2022, daytime, overnight, and colic support for families local to Middle Tennessee will be offered in-home.

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